Have you ever called a cable company or pharmacy only to be greeted by an upbeat but somewhat robotic voice listing options for what numbers to select for certain actions? If so, you have probably interacted with 24/7 virtual receptionist services. In the past, another person was responsible for managing multiple calls and redirecting them to the appropriate services from one place, making appointment booking and other tasks extremely overwhelming. Now, with 24/7 virtual receptionist services, this process is streamlined and simplified. Learn more about this feature by reading this blog.

What Are 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services?

A virtual receptionist is an automated call-handling system that can remotely take care of customer needs by offering callers options for what they seek in order to provide the appropriate assistance. These services are used by cable and tech companies as well as pharmacies and even some doctor’s offices. Even home services might use a 24/7 virtual receptionist to more easily book and assign appointments.

What Do 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services Do?

Speaking of appointments, you’re probably curious as to what exactly 24/7 virtual receptionist services do. The features of this service include the following:

1. Interactive Voice Response

Virtual receptionist software uses interactive voice response (IVR) to manage incoming calls. This system uses an automated menu of options for the caller. The instructions involve the caller either saying a word or phrase or pressing a specific number corresponding to the next steps. Ideally, this will lead the caller to the appropriate services or expedite a process to connect them to the appropriate representative.

2. Appointment Booking

Through the IVR, a virtual receptionist can be incredibly helpful for managing and scheduling appointments. The receptionist will ideally have access to employee schedules so they can properly find available times for appointments to offer the caller. The caller can then choose which date and time work best for them, allowing the system to automatically confirm the booking.

3. Call Transferring

As explained earlier, the IVR streamlines call transfers to the appropriate service or department. For example, if you’re reaching out to an HVAC service provider and you have the option to either book an appointment, speak to an employee, or process a payment, you should be able to choose the appropriate option so your call can then be routed to the right person or menu.

4. Message Taking

If you need to speak with a specific employee or an actual person but find that no one is available, you can have the virtual receptionist take and deliver a message. This message can be delivered through the IVR or via text message. Now, the person you need to get in touch with will know that you reached out and can return to you to address your needs.

24/7 virtual receptionist services transfer

The Benefits Of 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services

Now that you know about some of the notable features of 24/7 virtual receptionist services, you’re ready to learn about the benefits of utilizing them.

1. Better Time Management

Instead of leaving call routing, appointment booking, and many other tasks in the hands of one person, your 24/7 virtual receptionist will take care of all those matters for you. That way, you and your team can prioritize taking care of matters that require your immediate attention.

2. Reduced Workload

Speaking of time management, your workload will be significantly reduced since you no longer have to go through your planner to book your own appointments with clients and customers. You can just focus on preparing for those meetings and finding the solutions to your customer’s problems.

3. After-Hours Support

A 24/7 virtual receptionist will provide customers with the support they need during and after hours. If they are dealing with an urgent matter, they can ensure you receive a message when you check back into work thanks to this convenient feature.

4. Flexibility And Scalability

You want to find a virtual receptionist service you can easily customize to fit the needs of your business. It’ll be even better if you find one that can be seamlessly integrated with whatever software and technology you currently have.

5. Improved Customer Experience

Finally, your customers will have a better experience by having options to choose from for what they need from a responsive assistant. They will be able to say goodbye to the days of being on hold, waiting for the next person to become available for as long as an hour.

Streamline And Simplify Calls With WeAnswer!

Virtual receptionists are just one way to streamline and simplify calls, especially if you work in the home services industry. Appointments can be booked easily without sacrificing valuable work time. Start improving call-answering with WeAnswer, by contacting us today.